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Benefits of Lithium Ion Batteries

There are various types of batteries that are used to power various devices. Electricity cannot be always used since sometimes it gets lost and hence batteries are essential in such cases. There are some battery types such as nickel cadmium, lead acid batteries among others. Each of them is best used in a certain environment in certain conditions for maximum effectiveness. They all have their pros and cons and hance choosing the best battery tends to become a challenge for most people. For a long time now Relion Batteries have been the most popular one because of the numerous merits that come they come with.

One of them is them is that they are low maintenance battery types unlike the lead acid that require regular maintenance to ensure they are working optimally. For instance, with lithium batteries, there is no need for scheduled charging. You only need to charge the battery regularly so that it remains functional. You can do it at any time without being consistent as is the case for lead acid battery types.

Another merit of Lithium Ion Batteries is that they are durable or long lasting in nature. For example, reports show that they are ten times more durable than the lead acid type of batteries. Besides, they have been shown to retain 80% of the battery capacity even after 2000 cycles. When you compare this to the lead acid batteries that only have a lifespan of two years, it makes a huge difference. Lead acid batteries require regular replacement of the water inside them failure to which will reduce their efficiency. Click here for more details.

Another merit comes about due to the fact that lithium ion batteries tend to fast charge and this means you can use your device within no time since the downtime is minimal. This is clearly seen in phone batteries which charge within less than an hour and they can last for a whole day without draining. When you compare this to lead batteries that need to be charged in stages over the lifetime of the battery.

Lithium ion batteries are also versatile in terms of the tolerance to change sin temperature. They do not overheat to dangerous levels as is the case with lead acid ones. This means that they are much safer since there is no risk of them blowing up. Finally, the installation of these batteries is not that complicated and they are affordable. Find out more at

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